Furniture Storage in the North Shore that won’t break the bank

Looking for a secure and affordable North Shore storage service?

Carlingford Removals and Storage is the most trusted North Shore furniture storage company that continues to delight customers for many years with its unmatched speed and affordable storage solutions.

We take pride in our work and set ourselves apart from other companies because we take time to assess your storage needs and tailor the most affordable fixed price quote possible.

Our promise to you - NO hidden fees. NO surprise extra charges.

Is Carlingford the right North Shore furniture storage company for you?

We understand that every customer has his or her personal needs. Remember that we are just one phone call away if you find yourself stuck in any of these situations:

  • You are moving to a smaller place and you need to store away some of your furniture temporarily.
  • You are a student going away for a long vacation and you need to save on rent by stashing your personal belongings in a secure location.
  • You are a business owner who is downsizing with unnecessary furniture and office equipment you need to get rid of for an indefinite period of time.
  • You are renovating your home and the big pieces of furniture are getting in the way of a speedy renovation.
  • You are staging your home for a sale and while designing your place to make it look appealing to potential buyers, the excess home decors needs to be hidden in a safe storage.

Your most-prized possessions are safe with us

Whether it is a grand piano, the sofa you first bought as a married couple or an antique cabinet that has been handed down generations to generations, our staff will make sure to preserve its current condition in our dust-free and vermin-free warehouse.

Carlingford’s North Shore storage facility is conveniently located in Riverstone where there is zero access to public. Only the management and staff are allowed to enter the warehouse so there is no reason to worry that your possessions may be stolen or damaged.

Flexible storage terms with full insurance on removals

We give our customers to option to bring their valuables to us via their own means or opt for our cheap furniture removals service. Our trained staff can pack your fragile items for you and we will do all the heavy lifting. Rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely and uncompromised in our storage facility.

Our customers rely on us when it comes to short-term and long-term storage needs. We offer flexible terms. All you have to do is talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss your preferences and a fixed quote will be handed to you within a quick turnaround time.

Our removals services come with full insurance. Rest assured that we will shoulder any damages from the moment our staff carries your items or while they are in transit in our capable trucks.