We are happy to offer a range of professional quality, double walled packing cartons for your removal to your new home. 

If you live within the Sydney metro area, we can offer free delivery of packing boxes for orders over $50!

We will also pick up your cartons from your new home after you have unpacked.

Our box deliveries and pickups are completed on Wednesday of each week, or on an arranged date for pickups outside of the Sydney metro area.


Large (tea-chest size) boxes- $4 each
Small (book size) boxes- $3 each

Port-a-robes: $20 each or port-a-robe day hire: $8 each

Packing paper, tape, mattress and lounge covers and bubble wrap is also available.


We offer a full refund for boxes that are returned unused on the day of your removal. For cartons picked up after you have moved, we offer a partial refund on the purchase price.